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Candle Subscription

It would be ideal to have people become both part of the RRRR program, along with our subscription service! However, we are happy with either as long as your are burning cleaner candles and our company continues to inspire you to be more eco-conscious in daily life! Below you will see the rules on the Candle Subscription Service.



  1. You will receive a gratitude candle (8 oz) each quarter thanking you for your support and helping us bring our vision to life! (That is $40 back in your pocket!)

  2. You get first pick on new scents prior to them being released to the public.

  3. Every quarter you are subscribed to us, you receive a credit for a free label customization on your order (maybe you want to customize someone’s wedding or birthday gift!) That makes 4 free customizations in a year!



LOCAL CUSTOMERS - SF Peninsula and Bay Area (So-Cal exception: San Diego)

  1. You have the option to receive 1 candle monthly with a standard size of a 16 oz Mason Jar Candle for $18 a month (plus shipping).  Upgrades for quantity and size available upon request.

  2. You will be given at least 3 scent choices before the candles are mailed out so you may make your preference known then, however, we do not make custom scents as part of the candle subscription.

  3. To save money (and limit our carbon footprint), it is preferred to have locals pick up their candles in person, although if I am going to be in your area, I will deliver in person. Otherwise, we will need to use the postal service.


NON-LOCAL CUSTOMERS - Though we prefer to serve local bay area cities, we definitely do not want to exclude anyone! If you see value in what we are doing and would like to be part of it, we will not discriminate. We can do subscription by mail service, however, you must pay for shipping fees.

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