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Get Money Back!

Get $$$ back from your purchase and save!

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Get a refund after cleaning and returning your used mason jars purchased from The Earth Culture Company. Once you recycle it back to us, you’ll receive a small refund on each jar returned. Though very few and small, limits do apply:

  • Both the mason jar and lid must be returned (will not accept cracked jars).

  • The mason  jar must be CLEAN and when recycled back to us. As in you’ve removed and cleaned out the the wax and washed it- ready to be filled with wax again.

    • We do not have the time nor man power to clean and wash hundreds of mason jars a month. We want to keep the costs as low as possible, and in order for this program to be successful, we must be very stern on this. You will not receive a refund if you return it unclean. (Instructions on cleaning used candle jars here)

  • Refund amounts depend on the size of the mason jar returned.

    • 8 oz Mason Jar: $0.50

    • 16 oz Mason Jar: $0.75

    • 32 oz Mason Jar: $1.00

    • 64 oz Mason Jar: $1.50

  • Your refund will be sent by venmo, paypal, or $CashApp OR you may request us to hold credits for you until you decide to use them toward a purchase.

  • Drop off locations and times vary - you will receive an email personally should you decide to participate. However, we are able to use shipping as a method as well.

If your question was not answered, please send an email to We are continually evolving, with your feedback so we can continue to grow better! Thank you for your support!

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