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Bring Your Own Glass Option

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, & Relax!

BYOG - Bring your own glass! By providing your own empty glass jar you save on costs and limit creating new waste. As I will not need to factor in the cost of the jar, I am able to only charge by ounces of wax used, which means the savings go directly to the customer! Though very few and small, limits do apply:

  • Glass jars must be approved first (We prefer sturdy glass jars with lids, no cracks). Please send pictures to if you are unsure.

  • We prefer 8oz, 16oz, 32 oz, and 64 oz containers

    • We will round up to categorize you in to those 4 distinct sizes. E.g. you give us a 14 oz jar, we will categorize it with the 16 oz “By Ounce Cost.” Or if you give us an 30 oz jar, we will categorize it with the 32 oz (By Ounce Cost). We suggest using candles very close to those ranges so you maximize your savings!

    • If you have jars that are not close to those sizes, but you’d still like to turn them in to candles, please order a candle kit and DIY! Or, join us in a “BYOG Candle Making Class.” (Please check on our website for “events” near you).

  • 1 for 1 Rule. You give us an approved empty glass jar, and in return you will receive the “By Ounce Cost.” You will receive the “By Ounce Cost” for every paid candle wax fill/order on your BYOG container.

    • E.g. You’ve given us 3 jars, but only paid for one of them be filled. You will only receive 1 candle at the “By Ounce Cost,” the other 2 jars will be considered a donation (if they are accepted jars, if not we will recycle them for you).

    • Our hope is that you clean the jar and return it to us to continue receiving the “By Ounce Cost.”

  • Scent preferences accepted, but it is not guaranteed. To keep costs low, we must be efficient and cannot cater to dozens if not hundreds of different requests. Upon sign up to the RRRR program, customers will be given the option to share their preferences and we will do our best to accommodate it, but again, it is not guaranteed.

  • Customers may drop off their jars and requests at the candle shop, by mail, or schedule with us to find a convenient meet up location.

  • The jar you provide to us, will not always be the one you receive back. It can be confusing to keep track of everyone’s personal jar. We recommend only providing us a jar you don’t mind NOT getting back, as you will receive a jar of a similar size.

    • If you’d like to continually repurpose the same exact jar, we would recommend purchasing a DIY kit. Otherwise, a custom order and extra fee will apply.

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