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"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy local, &  that's kind of the same" Unknown ❤️

When you shop locally, significantly more of the money spent stays within the community, improving the local economy. That's why it's so important to have this page. The Bay Area is a wonderful representation of this idea as below you will find businesses I support, and those that support me!


O'Neils is a local pub in the heart of San Mateo, CA. They not only are an awesome friendly bar filled with smiles and diversity, they donate their liquor bottles to me to repurpose in to candles and other projects. Common throughout the bay area is the support of the "recycle and reuse" idea, and I am thankful for it. Come by for a drink some time and say hello to Christina!


Bay Quilts opened September 2016 by Sally Davey and her daughter, Abbey-Shane.  This team of lifelong artists and crafters has been in the quilting industry for over 30 years and opened Bay Quilts to share their passion and knowledge with the Bay Area.  The vision of Bay Quilts is to create a community where artists, crafters, quilters, and makers of all ability can learn, grow, and create together. 

Bernal burrow


Amy Perrier is an entrepreneur who has been able to work full time doing her arts and crafts. You will catch her at many of the craft fairs around the bay area or on Etsy! As she explains it on Etsy: "As odd as it sounds I'm a third generation string artist. My grandfather started making string art in the 60's. Every weekend he would sell his creations in Central Park. He did this for over 40 years until his death. He taught my dad who didn't stick with it, but made some beautiful pieces. I was totally inspired by these two, that I started creating my own designs."

The Prickly Pear


The goal of The Prickly Pear is to be a facility for special needs adults to enjoy daily activities, gardening, and many other service oriented events. They plan to incorporate a structured gardening program geared towards the special needs adult community. The Prickly Pear believes that nature has the ability to heal.


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